Watch Konsoll 2014 (and My Keynote) for Free

Konsoll 2014

The lovely organizers of Konsoll have invited me back to keynote Konsoll 2014 and I couldn’t be more honored. Like last year, the event will be held in beautiful Bergen, Norway amidst the backdrop of majestic fjords…and…a slew of independent game developers! Also like last year, Konsoll 2014 will be streaming all its presentations, including my Keynote. This is an incredible opportunity to watch some seriously talented industry folk for free, like: Anna Marsh from Lady Shotgun, James Portnow from Extra Credits, Lee Petty from Double Fine and so much more. If you have time to spare this week on Thursday and Friday, I encourage everyone to take advantage of the opportunity and watch some (or all) of Konsoll 2014. Continue reading →

Exhibit at PAX East from Overseas for $500 [CASE STUDY]

PAX East

For indie studios based out of countries whose local shows don’t provide the kind of media exposure one is looking for, exhibiting at PAX East is a dream. It’s also a HUGE expense. International flights, hotel stays, rental fees and so forth add up. But Henchman & Goon, an indie studio based out of Bergen, Norway, was determined to get to PAX East and promote its upcoming retro, 2D platformer, Flem. Below is the strategy the studio employed to make its determination a reality for just $500 out of pocket. Continue reading →

Packing a Booth at the Game Developers Conference [CASE STUDY]

game developers conference

If you’re paying for a 20′ x 30′ booth at the Game Developers Conference, you better make sure that baby is packed during all show hours. If you don’t, you might as well throw the tens of thousands of dollars it cost to rent the space down the drain! A packed booth not only helps with brand building, generating consumer interest, etc., it piques the interest of the press walking the show floor. Continue reading →

Budget Game Promotion at the E3 Conference [CASE STUDY]

E3 Conference

As an indie with limited marketing budget, exhibiting at the E3 conference might seem crazy. Space for a booth alone can cost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. Tack on food, transportation and lodging and you’re looking at a small fortune. But, what if you scratch the booth, get a general admittance ticket and bargain hunt for the rest of your expenses? Then is it possible to successfully market your game at E3 on a budget? Rob Stamper from Diametric Games sure thinks so…because that’s exactly what he did at E3 2014 to promote GAS, a slap-stick, 2D side scroller about making it to a bathroom after eating an exotic meal that isn’t sitting too well. Continue reading →

Trade Show Planning Case Study Series

trade show planning

Trade shows can be an excellent opportunity to generate awareness for your game. They provide a format to promote to potential fans, network with the press, build partnerships and more all under one roof. Trouble is, trade shows can just as easily become an expensive waste of time. Whether you’re exhibiting or attending, good trade show planning is a key to a successful event. And as we approach trade show season, what better way to learn good trade show planning tactics than with real-world examples! Continue reading →

Use Social Media Monitoring on Competitor Sites to Improve Your Marketing

social media monitoring

Using social media monitoring to track the effectiveness of a competitor’s content marketing strategy is smart for any indie to do. Why? Because knowing the number of shares your competitors’ pages get helps you understand your own content marketing’s strength. Comparing your numbers of likes, Tweets, etc. is a good way to learn what works and doesn’t, as well as how to improve. Problem is, getting these numbers isn’t always easy. Especially when competitors don’t use social sharing buttons that tally and display shares. For those scenarios, here’s how to use social media monitoring to track competitors’ content marketing effectiveness and improve your own. Continue reading →

A Press Release Template Perfect for the Indie Game Developer

press release format

If you’ve never written a press release before, finding a press release template is a great place to start. Just like schematics instruct engineers, a good press release template will instruct you to execute a solid press release. Below is such a press release template, but tailored to fit the needs of indie game developers. Continue reading →

A Press Release Example to Inspire Your Own Game’s Press Release

excellent press release

Have you been scouring the Web for a great press release example to inspire your own indie game’s press release? Search no more! Get your creative juices flowing by reading my favorite indie game press release: Dejobaan Games’ press release for its title “AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! — A Reckless Disregard for Gravity.” After you’re done taking in the awesomeness, continue onto my analysis of what makes this an excellent press release example. Continue reading →

How to Pitch the Game Press if You Waited Till the Last Minute [QUICK TIP]

game press

It’s one week till your game’s launch and you have yet to contact the game press. From the research you’ve done, you know waiting till the last minute to begin press outreach is a no, no. Yet, here you are. You’re angry with yourself for letting time slip by and are considering forgoing the game press altogether. While it’s not an ideal situation, don’t give up! There’s still time to make an impact…you just need a different strategy. Instead of relying on relationships you’ve established with writers (a.k.a., the suggested method you didn’t follow), you’ll need to focus on appealing to their readerships’ interests. Continue reading →

Landing Page Design and How to Use it to Sell Your Indie Game


If you’re like most indie developers, your website’s landing pages are your sales team. I.e., you drive traffic (or leads) to these pages, hoping they’ll convert to customers. Trouble is, without stellar landing page design, most landing pages convert only 5%-15% of traffic. Not too good for the bottom line…but there’s hope. By following these landing page design techniques, you can boost your conversion rate upwards of 50%. Continue reading →